Administration plays an important role in the effective management of a mammoth educational institute like SIddhant Institute Of Computer Application Sudumbare, Pune. The Administrative Department of SICA is intended to provide satisfactory service to the students, parents, and the faculty of the Institute.

It encompasses a number of activities related to the staff as well as the student community – like Admissions. Fee acceptance & other financial matters. Students record & handling the day-to-day queries by the students. Recruitment of staff & handing of their records. Conducting examinations. Issue of timely instructions to staff & students of the various departments, resolving the procedural matters related to the University, Directorate of Technical Education ( MCA) Department of Higher & Technical Education (MCA). All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) etc. 

This Department is functionally divided into three sections, namely the Accounts Section, Establishment, and the student’s section.

ParticularsName of the staffContact No.
Registrar  Mr.Jijaba Kamble8805089999

Students Section: – This section is responsible for

  • Admission of students.
  • Getting the approval of admitted students from DTE, & the University of Pune.
  • Examination-related works.
  • Distribution of results.
  • Maintenance of Student’s record.
  • Handling scholarships and freeships of students.
  • Bus & Railway concession passes.
  • Issue of various certificates and transcripts to students.
ParticularsName of the staffContact No.
Admission related work from DTE &  University of Pune, related workMr. Sudam Botre
Mr. Sandip Jagtap
Examination related work Mr. Sandip Jagtap  9881491818
Distribution of resultsMr. Prashant Bhendbhar 7745863334
Maintenance of student’s recordMr. Sudam Botre 8805049999
Scholarships and free ship of studentsMr. Sudam Botre 8805049999
Issue of various certificates and transcripts to studentsMr. Jijaba Kamble 8805089999

Establishment Section:  It handles matters related to

  • Recruitment of faculty as per AICTE / University of Pune norms
  • Maintaining their service records.
  • Documentation at the time of joining / resignation/retirement.
  • Shikshan Shulka Samitee proposals.
  • Correspondence.
ParticularsName of the staffContact No.
Recruitment of faculty as per AICTE/University of Pune norms, Maintaining their service records,
Proposals for increments and promotions, Correspondence, etc. 
Mr. Sudam Botre
Mr. Jijaba Kamble

Accounts Section: – It handles matters related to

  • Fees collection from students.
  • Attending students enquires and difficulties relating to fees and other educational loans, fees, scholarships.
  • Receiving applications from students for scholarship refund and reconciliation of scholarship amount received from samaj Kayan and refund of fees to students.
  • Reconciliation of TDS income tax, Provident fund, Professional tax, etc.
  • Bank reconciliation every month.
  • Fees collection of revaluation and verification of results from students.
  • Shikshan Shulk Samitee related works
ParticularsName of the staffContact No.
Fees inquiries and difficulties relating to fees and educational loans. Providing various
types of accounts information to committees and other
information for various report
Mr. Prashant Bhendbhar 7745863334